young Children spotted at the compound over Shabbos

young Children spotted at the compound over Shabbos

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This past Shabbos my spies spotted a number of young children playing in the Goat’s playground located next to the Goat’s Yeshiva school building located at 765 Elm Street. The Goat must have recruited a few unsuspecting families to move back into the compound. A few toddlers were spotted along with an infant. Very frum mothers watched their kids play in the Goat’s playground. The Goat’s playground hasn’t been used since Rabbi Notis and his family left the compound about a year ago. What kind of mother exposes her kids to a pedophile? Don’t these mothers read the Larry Noodles blog? Are they living under a rock? The State’s Attorneys Office and the Department of Child and Family Services should require the Goat to post warning signs on his building warning parents that the compound is owned, occupied and managed by a depraved child molester.

The Goat must have recruited a few families to move into the compound as the Goat prepares for Passover. Some people will do anything for a buck. It was Passover of 2016 when Eli Mirlis filed his Federal child rape case against the Goat. After the lawsuit was filed the Goat’s sons Ezi Greer and Dov Greer fled the compound. Avi Hack, a victim of the Goat’s molestation when he was a teenager, also fled the compound. The Goat’s close friend Harold Hack, the father of Avi Hack, fled the compound. Ezi and Harold moved to Waterbury. Avi moved to Providence RI and Dov shacked up with his in-laws in Philadelphia. Harold told my sources that he only fled the compound because his “attorney told him to.”

The Goat used to take the young children of Dov and Ezi Greer into his office, and locked the door, to give them private lessons. I don’t know what the Goat taught them in his office. I watched the Goat put these kids on his lap at a desk in the front of the shul, where the kids would sit there for a significant period of time while the Goat read with them. I also watched the Goat scream and publicly humiliate these youngsters in front of the entire shul if they made a mistake in their davening, their prayers. Dov, Ezi and the Ewe sat silently while the Goat caused six year olds to cry. The few community members, including myself, sat in shock. What do you do? Report the Goat extended family to child protective services? Call the cops? The Goat knew that what he was doing was not technically illegal. It may have been sick, abusive and disturbing but not illegal, especially when the parents of these kids sat and did nothing. This was how the Goat was able to control and manipulate children, as well as adults. The Goat broke them down at a young age and destroyed their self esteem. He then plied them with alcohol. The strong ones left town, never to return. The weak ones were no match for this depraved madman. They were easy targets for abuse. Avi Hack, who continued to submit to the Goat’s abuse, even as an adult, suffered from Stockholm Syndrome and ended up bonding with the Goat, and became a loyal worker, and servant, to the Goat.

At one point before I went to jail in 2014 a wealthy secular Jewish family from the town of Woodbridge sent their kid to the compound. They were Yalies. I could not understand why they would send their kid to a school located in the hood of New Haven. At this point there were very few non Greer or non Hack family members, if any, enrolled at the Goat school. This family must have been impressed by the Goat, Ezi, Avi or Dov for whatever reason. A sucker is born every minute. They didn’t last long. After I went to jail they fled the compound, never to return. I was contacted by someone who knew them who told me the details. I was told that something went on at their swimming pool in Woodbridge between the Goat’s young grandchildren and their kid.

Dov Greer is the Rabbi at the Mount Kisco Hebrew Congregation. Dov will be hosting a community seder on April 20th. You can sell your chometz to Dov Greer. If you want to sign up for the community seder, you can fill out this sign up sheet and make a donation. You must agree to abide by these rules: “Please do not bring ANY of your own food or drink to the community seder. We respectfully request that you refrain from using electronic devices during the seder. Fancy modest cocktail attire recommended. As dinner will not be served immediately, be sure to have a snack in the late afternoon.”

Avi Hack is the Rabbi at Ohawe Shalom Congregation in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The only reason Avi is the Rabbi at Ohawe is because Avi’s father-in-law is the President of the shul. I don’t know if Avi is leading any community seders at Ohawe. Nothing is listed on the Ohawe website about Passover services. The Goat used to take Avi on weekend summer trips to Provincetown (P-Town), Cape Cod, as a teenager, with the blessings of Avi’s father Harold Hack. P-Town is the number one summer vacation destination for members of the gay community. Avi should organize a community seder in P-Town, and call it Pesach-Town.

May all the Jews be redeemed before the first Passover seder. Moshiach NOW!

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