Zelinsky Seeks To Grab Land On The Branford Shoreline

Zelinsky Seeks To Grab Land On The Branford Shoreline

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Ed Zelinsky and Doris Zelinsky spent many years in the compound at the side of Rabbi Daniel Greer, AKA The Goat.  Doris Zelinsky was involved in real estate dealings with the Ewe.  The Zelinskys were never as religious as the Goat. The Goat had to maintain an appearance of strict religiousity in order to fool those who would question his true nature.  Strict religiousity is an easy way to convince others that you are not a sick, depraved monster.

Avi Hack was easily fooled by the Goat.  Avi described the Goat as his religious guidepost.   Avi stayed by the Goat til the very end.  Avi only flipped on the Goat after he got sued by Mirlis.  Had Avi never got sued nobody would have known that Avi was the Goat’s mistress for 13 years.  Nobody would have known about how Avi stood by while Mirlis got raped by the Goat.  Nobody would have known that the Goat attempted to rape Rafi, with the assistance of Avi, who ordered the Undertaker to pick up Rafi from the train station and deliver him into the hands of the depraved Goat.

The Zelinskys own three waterfront houses in Branford.  The combined value of these properties is about two million bucks.  The properties are located on Sagamore Cove Road in Indian Neck.

Ed Zelinsky just filed a lawsuit against his neighbor on Sagamore Cove looking to grab a 15 foot wide strip of land that borders his neighbor.  The 15 foot wide strip of land was part of property owned by Ms. Arlene Schwanfelder.  Zelinsky claims in his lawsuit that in 1982 he took control of this strip of land against the wishes of Schwanfelder.  Zelinsky claims that he asserted hostile possession over this parcel of land “without the consent” of Schwandfelder.  Zelinsky claims that the “parked cars” on this parcel of land and “practiced golf” on the 15 foot strip against the wishes of Schwandfelder.  Fifteen feet of grass is not much room to try out your new driver.  Zelinsky must have been practicing miniature golf.

Law Professor Ed Zelinsky has alleged that he basically stole land from an old bubbe.  Zelinsky is a fine example for his students at the Cordozo Law School, the law school of Yeshiva University, the same school where Goat board member Rabbi Bleich teaches Jewish law and ethics.  These are the men that young Jewish law students should look up to and emulate.

Ed Zelinsky is a Yale law graduate whose study partner was United States Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito.   Ed’s son is United States Attorney Aaron Zelinsky, who is on the high profile Mueller special forces looking to take down the Donald, as well as Mickey and Pluto.   Ed Zelinsky is attempting to rip a strip of land from the hands of a little old bubbe named Arlene Schwanfelder.  The Zelinsky Strip makes the Gaza strip look like the girl scouts.  Ed is planning to sell his strip to the Donald to build a golf course and country club.  Jews and Disney characters only.

Ed hired Goat eviction attorney Stuart Margolis to sue his neighbor on Sagamore Cove Road.  Arlene Schwanfelder no longer owns the Zelinsky strip.  Schwanfelder died last year.  A new owner holds title to this property.  Zelinsky wants to strip the land from the new owners hands under the legal theory of adverse possession.  Zelinsky has to prove that he did not have permission from Schwanfelder to use her strip of land for parking cars and practicing his golf swing.

If it is proven that Schwanfelder gave Zelinsky permission to use the land then Zelinsky’s case gets thrown out of court.  But Schwanfelder is not around to testify.  Dead bubbes tell no bubbe-meises. Zelinsky conveniently waited until bubbe Schwanfelder died before he filed his lawsuit.  There is nobody alive to contest Zelinsky’s claim of hostile, open, continuous and visible possession.

Zelinsky is involved in another lawsuit.  The Sarkin family is suing Zelinsky claiming that Zelinsky misappropriated a million bucks from their estate.  Trial is scheduled for the fall.

Zelinsky was also involved in a land dispute in Cape Cod, MA.  The Zelinskys constructed a “spite fence” on their property because the town wouldn’t give them zoning approvals.  Click this link for the story.

The Zelinskys recently led a fight on Ella Grasso Boulevard to stop approval for the construction of apartments at the Attorney William Gallagher building located across the street from the Zelinskys in New Haven.  Click this link for that story.  Attorney William Gallagher was the Goat’s attorney and business partner for many years.  After Gallagher died in 2015 and his checkbook was examined it was discovered that he had robbed his clients out of a million bucks.  Gallagher’s office building went into foreclosure.  A company purchased his building and tried to turn it into apartments.  The Zelinskys led the fight to stop the construction of apartments.

The Zelinskys abruptly left the compound many years ago, without an explanation.  Just like many other families.  The Zelinskys are still alive.  They can still tell their bubbe meises to Larry Noodles.  They have nothing to fear but fear itself, and a frivolous defamation lawsuit by the Goat, which is probably the reason the Goat sued me.  The Goat wanted to send a message to anyone else thinking about publicly excoriating this depraved monster.

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  1. Typical semite hustla shit. Straight outta BABA KHAMA. Let the kosher judge decide if it was open, continuous, exclusive, actual and notorious (O.C.E.A.N.) If the new owner is goy, I would like to wish him all the luck in Babylon.

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