Zelinsky Shakes Down His Neighbor On Sagamore Cove

Zelinsky Shakes Down His Neighbor On Sagamore Cove

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Law Professor and Yale Law graduate Ed Zelinsky is a New Haven politico power broker and former business partner of Yale Law graduate Rabbi Daniel Greer, AKA “The Goat.”  Ed’s son Aaron Zelinsky is a United States Assistant Attorney and a Yale Law graduate and was appointed to the Mueller High Command empowered to investigate sitting Presidents, emails, Russians, porn stars and Jewish lawyers who graduated from the Cooley School of Law, ie., Michael Cohen.  Ed Zelinsky dormed at Yale Law School with Supreme Court Justice Sammy the Bull Alito.

Assistant US Attorney Aaron Zelinsky had no experience investigating Russians, Jewish Cooley Law graduates or porn stars, but he worked under Rod Rosenstein, who put together the Mueller team.  Rod was the man who has been accused of planning to wiretap the President.  Taking down El Presidente is usually done in banana republics, but in the land of the free and the home of the brave?  Et tu Rosenstein?

Aaron Zelinsky’s only experience out of law school has been prosecuting drug dealers.  How hard could that be?  The FBI does all the work.  All Aaron has to do is sit in court and turn on his tape recorder. Why would the High Exalted Mueller need Zelinsky on his wet dream team?  Attorney Michael “the snitch” Cohen was never accused of drugging Stormy Daniels.  Zelinsky should have been put on the Cosby case not the Cooley case.

The reason the State of Connecticut is bankrupt is because tax dollars are wasted on prosecutors like US Attorney Aaron Zelinsky.  The State of Connecticut has 169 town with close to 169 police departments.  Does the State really need another law enforcement agency busting drug dealers?  The Feds only prosecute about 1500 cases a year in Connecticut, most of them drug cases, a drop in the bucket compared to the number of prosecutions brought by the cities and towns of Connecticut.  Most towns have too many police officers running around busting teenagers drinking beer at the beach, while the cops in cities like New Haven are afraid to get out of their cruisers at night.  If each town donated two cops to the City of New Haven this would triple the size of the New Haven police force.  Talk about a war on crime.   The depraved child rapist goat rabbi Daniel Greer would have been locked up a long time ago.  Mirlis would have never been raped by the old Goat.  Unfortunately the voters in Connecticut are too stupid to realize this and keep voting the same idiotic brain dead Democrats and Republicans into power.  Larry Noodles for El Presidente.

Professor Ed Zelinsky owns a house on the beach in an area called “Sagamore Cove” in Branford.  Zelinsky’s neighbor was an old lady named Arlene Schwanfelder.  I don’t know if she is Jewish.  Her name sounds either Jewish or German.  She could be a Jew or a Nazi, who knows.  Schwanfelder died in 2017.  Schwanfelder’s estate sold her house to a woman named Susan Conlon.  Conlon already owns another house in Sagamore Cove.

Conlon and Zelinsky got in a big fight ten years ago because Conlon wanted to build a dock off her waterfront house in Sagamore Cove.  Zelinsky organized the neighbors to fight the construction of Conlon’s dock.  The movement was called “Block the Dock.”  Zelinsky threatened legal action.  It got ugly. Conlon withdrew her application for a permit to construct the dock.  The Zelinskys had a victory party.  Conlon wasn’t invited.

Fast forward ten years to 2017.  Conlon bought the Schwanfelder house right next door to Zelinsky’s house.  Conlon tried to hide her purchase from Zelinsky by purchasing the property in the name of an LLC named “Sagamore Cove Associates.”  Conlon constructed a new house on the property.  Conlon got her certificate of occupancy.  Conlon met with a realtor to list her house for sale.  Conlon was in the middle of hammering a “FOR SALE” sign in her front lawn when Zelinsky served her with a lawsuit.

Zelinsky alleged in his lawsuit that a 15 foot strip of land bordering his property and the Conlon property was Zelinsky’s property and not Conlon’s property, even though the deed and the town map shows that Conlon owns it.  Zelinsky claims that for the last 35 years he had used this strip of land to practice his golf swing.  Zelinsky claims that he excluded Schwandfelder from this strip of land, thereby making Zelinsky the legal owner under the laws of adverse possession.

Zelinsky waited 35 long years before raising his claim of adverse possession.  Zelinsky never sued the prior owner Schwandfelder.  Zelinsky never filed a notice in the land records.  Zelinsky never erected a fence around this 15 foot strip of land.  Zelinsky never constructed a wall or posted “NO TRESPASSING” signs around Zelinsky occupied territory.  Zelinsky never told anyone, other than his wife “Spite Fence” Doris Zelinsky, that he was a squatter on this territory.  Zelinsky should have at least parked an RV on his settlement and filed a resolution with the United Nations.

Zelinsky’s lawsuit puts a cloud on the Conlon title.  Conlon cannot sell her property while the Zelinsky case drags through the Connecticut Superior Court.  Zelinsky requested a trial by jury rather than a trial with a judge.  In New Haven Superior Court it can take several years before a civil jury trial can be scheduled.  You can get a court side trial scheduled in a few months.  Conlon has claimed that Zelinsky purposefully asked for a jury trial as a sleezy “delay tactic.”  Sounds like a shakedown to me.  Or Zelinsky hostility directed at his old nemesis Conlon.  You can read the court documents by clicking this link.

Zelinsky doesn’t have much of a case.  Zelinsky has no evidence that he ever told Schwanfelder, or anyone else over the last 35 years, that he openly and adversely possessed her 15 foot strip of land.  Zelinsky never filed anything in the land records notifying the public that he was asserting hostile ownership of the 15 foot strip of land in order to practice his golf swing.  Conlon purchased the property with no knowledge that the 15 foot strip of land was Zelinsky’s private putting green.  Zelinsky waited until Conlon was ready to sell her house to tell her, oh, by the way, you can’t sell your house, this is my strip of land, keep off the grass.  Talk about passive aggressive.  Zelinsky may want to enroll in the Otisville prison anger management class with inmate Ed Stein.

Ed Zelinsky is also getting sued by Ellen Sarkin.  Sarkin claims statutory theft, ie., that Zelinsky took a million dollars from an estate he managed as trustee.  That case is scheduled for trial in June of 2019 before a judge, not a jury.  You would think that Zelinsky would want to delay the Sarkin case by requesting a jury trial.  Zelinsky probably doesn’t want a jury trial because he fears a runaway verdict.  If Zelinsky loses the Sarkin case he may have to sell his waterfront property in Sagamore Cove.  At this point Zelinsky has probably incurred huge legal fees from his attorney Stuart Margolis to defend him in the complicated Sarkin case.  The Goat uses Margolis to handle all his eviction cases.   Zelinsky doesn’t want to have a multi-million dollar verdict and outstanding legal fees hanging over his head like his former friend and business partner Rabbi Daniel Greer, AKA “The Goat.”

Ed Zelinsky and Daniel Greer both graduated from Yale Law School.  They both live within a mile of each other in the Edgewood hood of New Haven.  They no longer talk to each other.  The Zelinskys yanked their kids out of the Goat school many years ago without much of an explanation.  Many families fled the compound in the middle of the school year without any explanation.  The only thing that the Goat and Ed Zelinsky have in common today is their taste in attire.  As you can see from the above pictures the Goat and Zelinsky are both wearing the same red power ties.  “Now the first came forth red, all over like a hairy garment; and they named him Esau.”  Genesis 25:25.

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