Greers Try to Thwart Criminal Investigation

New police chief Anthony Campbell was recently appointed in the City of New Haven.  A big gathering was held at City Hall yesterday to honor this man.  Guess who was there to curry favor with the new police chief?  None other than Ezi Greer, the son of the Goat, who is currently under police investigation for raping children.  During the civil trial Mirlis testified that Ezi Greer banged on the door of a double locked room where the Goat was raping Mirlis.

Campbell replaces the Goat’s buddy, former Police Chief Esserman, who resigned amid controversy.  His ex-wife filed contempt of court proceedings against him for failing to make good on a six figure divorce settlement agreement.  Esserman quickly settled his domestic dispute after Larry Noodles blogged about it.  Esserman has refused to ess lokshen since my blog posting.

None of the local rags would go near the Esserman story, including the New Haven Independent, which is run by veteran “investigative” reporter Paul Bass.  The hard hitting investigative reporting days have long passed for Paul Bass. Paul is now just a cheerleader for Mayor Harp, Esserman and the Goat.

Ezi Greer, loyal son of the Goat, left the compound after the Goat got sued for child rape in 2015.  Ezi pledged allegiance to the Republic of Waterbury.  His New Haven passport has expired.  Someone should report Ezi to ICE.  Ezi’s former New Haven residence is abandoned.  Nobody lives there.  I wonder if the Goat is paying the mortgage, taxes, utilities, and insurance.

Yesterday the New Haven Independent covered the swearing in ceremony of the new police chief.  One of Paul Bass’ underlings took the photo of Ezi Greer shaking the hands of the new police chief, and captioned the photo, “Policing activist Ezi Greer stopped by to offer his congrats.” Ezi Greer is referred to as a “Policing activist.”  Ezi is only a policing activist when it comes to catching criminals who do not have the name Greer.

Where was Paul Bass for this swearing in ceremony?  Why wasn’t Paul Bass there to hobnob with Ezi Greer?  Why has Paul Bass distanced himself from the Greer family?  Paul was the man who wrote the explosive article about the Goat’s crimes some twenty years ago.  Paul Bass is obviously embarrassed at having dropped the ball with the Goat.  Ezi and Dov Greer befriended Paul over the years.  Paul was blinded by this phony friendship. Larry Noodles has now picked up the ball that Paul dropped.

Larry Noodles will not sleep until the Goat is in handcuffs heading off to Brooklyn, CT, the correctional center where the State Department of Corrections houses sex offenders.  Or the Goat may end up in Niantic, where the State houses the alta kockers, ie., crotchety, fussy, ineffectual old men.  The Goat can start up a kosher kitchen in prison.  On his web site the Goat claims that in 1962, while he was at Yale Law School, he practically invented the Yale kosher kitchen.  The Goat boasts that he frequently ate there with his roommate Jerry Brown.  The Goat will never get Jerry Brown to visit him behind bars and eat in the Goat jailhouse kosher kitchen.

It is about time powerful guys from Yale get treated the same way as the local townies.  For many years the Yale educated Goat avoided jail time because of his many connections with powerful Yalies.  The Goat is no different than serial pedophile Sandusky, who got away with his crimes because of his connections with the powerful men at Penn State.

Former Goat comrade Yale law professor Ed Zelinsky is currently getting sued for stealing a million bucks.  Ed’s son Aaron Zelinsky is also a Yalie and a current assistant United States Attorney. If Ed and the Goat were just local townies like me, they would be picked up by the Feds in a New Haven minute.  The Feds would make grand public announcements about crackdowns on crime, and seek maximum prison sentences.  I should know, I ended up in jail while Yale educated Wall Street bankers with powerful Federal connections got away scot-free.

Former Police Chief Esserman, a buddy of the Goat and a Yale faculty member, avoided any consequences for contempt of court proceedings filed against him by his ex-wife for failing to make good on a six figure divorce settlement.  Esserman was able to resign with honors and land a lucrative job at a local college, ie., Quinnipiac University. The contempt of court proceedings didn’t even get published by the press.  Talk about connections.  Esserman recently got canned from his job at Quinnipiac after less than a year, and has no job prospects in sight. Esserman will have to ess the humble lokshen and work for the Larry Noodles blog.  There is always an opening for a former New Haven chief of police.

The new police chief Anthony Campbell is a graduate of Yale University and Yale Divinity School.   Campbell is listed as a member of the faculty at the Yale Divinity School.  Paul Bass is also a Yale graduate.

New Haven townies need to call Police Chief Anthony Campbell and tell him to throw the book at the Goat.  Townies need to tell Campbell that powerful Yalies should not be given a free pass while townies get hauled off to jail every day.  Townies need to tell Campbell that he should not be honoring Ezi Greer, a man who knew that his father raped children, and yet failed to do anything about it.

New Haven Police Chief Anthony Campbell
Contact Number: 203-946-6333


Goat Girls School Offers “Yale Trained Faculty”

This is an old advertisement for the long defunct Goat school for girls.  The Ewe was the principal and ran the school.  “Doctor” Mordechai Biser was also involved.  I do not know why Mordechai Biser always referred to himself as “doctor.”  He is a Yale Law school graduate.  Technically he is a Juris Doctor, or “a doctor of law.”  But lawyers don’t refer to themselves as doctors.  Only at the Goat school do lawyers want to play doctor.

It is also puzzling why Mordechai Biser chose to work at the Goat school after he graduated Yale Law School.  Most Yale law graduates make a goat line to Wall Street to secure high paying jobs at prestigious law firms, or clerk for Supreme Court Justices. Why would a Yale Law School graduate work for the Goat?

Goat graduate Aaron Zelinsky went to clerk for United States Supreme Court Justices John Paul Stevens and Anthony Kennedy after he graduated Yale Law School.  Zelinsky’s father and former Goat confidant Ed Zelinsky probably helped young Aaron land that clerkship.  Ed went to Yale Law School with Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.  Ed is currently embroiled in a lawsuit which accuses him of stealing a million bucks from an estate.

Usually the Department of Justice bring indictments against guys who steal a million bucks.  Ed’s son Aaron is an assistant United States Attorney.  I wonder if Aaron would ever indict his father Ed?  It took Avi Hack over twenty years before he “indicted” his adopted father, the Goat, and testified against him in the Mirlis trial.  To this day the Goat’s children refuse to expose the secrets of their depraved father, even after the $20 million Mirlis verdict.  Ezi, Dov, Batsheva, Esther and Chana need to do complete teshuva, repentance, for remaining silent while Mirlis and others got raped, and contact Detective Kris Cuddy at 203-946-6304 X 1313, and tell her EVERYTHING.

The Goat made sure to mention in his advertisements that the Goat school had “Yale-trained faculty.”  Is this the reason why the Goat sent two of his children to Yale, along with many other kids from the compound, such as three Zelinskys, one Siev, and two Hacks.

The Goat grandchildren were never encouraged to go to college, let alone Yale.  The Goat disdained college.  The Goat, of all people, referred to Yale as “Sodom and Gomorrah” when he sued Yale in the infamous Yale Five case.  The Goat case went down in flames, just like Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Goat’s boys, and Avi Hack for that matter, didn’t use their Ivy League degrees for anything useful other than working for the Goat at the Goat school.  Working for the Goat did not require an Ivy League degree.  The only requirements one needed were:  1. to look the other way while the Goat raped children and 2. help the Goat pillage the City of New Haven and the State of Connecticut with non-profit scams.

The Goat referred to his three family houses, all painted maroon and forest green, with eight foot high fences, as “beautiful dormitories.”  The girls dorms were constantly being searched by henchmen of the Goat for such contraband as fashion magazines and secular reading material.  The Tikva girls were terrified of the Goat.  They called their parents every day begging to come home.  Unfortunately, their parents were too trusting of the Goat and his “Yale-trained faculty.”

The Greer Slaughterhouse

At least once a year the Goat’s son Ezi was in charge of slaughtering a young cow.  Ezi would drive to a farm in Connecticut and pick out a young bull.  The farmer would back up his truck to Ezi’s fenced in back yard.  The bull would be secured by ropes.  The farmer would drive away. After the farmer left, the bull usually broke through the ropes and ran around in the backyard, coming close to trampling adults and young children.  Ezi and the teenage boys from the Goat school would chase the bull around the yard until the bull was caught and secured by the rope.

The bull would spend the night in Ezi’s garage with the other farm animals, such as the rooster, ducks, and chickens.  Ezi would play classical music overnight in an attempt to relax the bull before the kill.  Ezi only played the music of Jewish composers Mahler or Mendelssohn.  Gershwin was considered too modern for the compound.  Wagner was banned.  The Goat only played Gershwin on his antique phonograph that he kept in his residence. Ezi purchased a wind up phonograph for the Goat as a birthday present. The Goat played Gershwin while he seduced teenage boys in his living room while the Ewe was in the kitchen baking cookies.

The next morning Ezi and the boys from the Goat school would herd the bull back into Ezi’s backyard.  They tied the bull up to a tree.  The boys would sit on the bull to hold him still.  Ezi would take out a giant knife and saw through the bull’s neck.  Blood would gush out of the bull’s neck like a geyser.  The entire compound would bear witness this slaughter, including babies and toddlers, who were encouraged to attend. Ezi would cut off most of the bull’s head while the bull groaned and kicked.  Eventually the bull settled down and stopped moving.

The entire spectacle made the Goat uptight.  The Goat didn’t stay til the end.  The Ewe, on other hand, enjoyed every minute of the slaughter.  She had a permanent smile painted on her face.  The spectators from the compound looked quesy.

The Ewe seemed to take pleasure in watching her son Ezi kill and gut the behemoth.  She spoke about how her father was a shochet, ie., ritual slaughterer, in Upstate New York.  The Ewe’s father handed down his slaughtering knife to the Ewe.  The Ewe gave this blood stained family heirloom to Ezi.  The Ewe was proud that Ezi used her father’s knife to chop off the bull’s head.  The Goat gave a speech before the kill about how he and Dov spent ten hours sharpening and examining the Ewe’s father’s knife.

Ezi cut up the goat on a table.  Ezi would provide explanations as to what he was doing.  The most important part of the butchering was when Ezi checked the lungs.  Ezi had to make sure the lungs were free of blemishes and punctures.  If the lungs are punctured then the animal was considered treif, ie., not kosher.  The picture above shows Ezi holding the lungs.  Ezi would place the lungs in a bucket of water.  Ezi would then use his mouth to blow on the bloody windpipe.  If bubbles came out of the lungs, Ezi would deem the behemoth treif, unfit for consumption by a Jew.

Ezi would sell the treif meat to a local Gentile.   If the meat was deemed kosher Ezi would serve the meat during Passover.  The meat never came out right.  Ezi didn’t know how to age the meat, or cook the meat for that matter.  It always came out gamey and rubbery.  Most people didn’t want to eat the meat after witnessing the slaughter.

Ezi also slaughtered a dozen or so chickens after he killed the bull.  He would hold each chicken tightly.  With his knife he made a quick cut of the chicken’s little neck.  Ezi’s wife Rena would hang the chickens upside down on the eight foot high fences in the back yard in order to let the blood drain from their necks.  The soft chickens quickly turned stiff.  An old man who worked for the Goat, who was from Eastern Europe, plucked the feathers off the chickens.  Ezi’s wife Rena, who is also Avi Hack’s sister, never enjoyed hanging up dead, bloody chickens all over her fence.

The women in the compound served drinks and refreshments while Ezi chopped up the bull.  There was plenty of leftover food.  Nobody was in the mood to eat.

In other news, I haven’t received any messages recently from “Subterfuge Dirge.”   But somebody has been leaving orange peels next to my automobile. I do not know the meaning of these orange peels. This could be another clue from SD concerning the Goat.  My guess is that you cannot see the fruit of the orange behind the orange peels.  This has some significance to the Goat.

Recently the Goat has installed blinds on all the windows of the Nightmare on Elm Street building.  The Goat doesn’t want anyone to see what is going on behind the blinds.  I wonder why.

Jerry Brown Celebrates Purim With the Goat

On March 27, 1992 the New Haven Jewish Ledger ran a front page article titled, “Canditate Brown Shares Purim Seudah in New Haven.”  Above the article was a picture of the smiling Goat standing with Presidential candidate Jerry Brown.  Also in the picture was Assistant Principal Mordecai Biser, Gershon Vogel, and Eliezer Greer.  The Goat is referred to as “Chairman Greer.”  The caption below the picture reads: “The holiday meal, hosted by the Gan School and Tikvah High School for Girls, developed an exciting aspect when the Democratic candidate decided to dine with his former college roommate, Rabbi Greer.”

The article reported, “School Assistant Principal Dr. Mordecai Biser told the LEDGER the visit was a total surprise:  ‘At about 5 pm on Purim Day, after the Seudah was well underway, Rabbi Greer received a personal phone call from Brown.  The candidate said he was in New Haven and asked if he could stop by for dinner.  Few of the many guests present actually believed this would happen until Governor Brown walked into the house.'”

Since when did Biser become a doctor?  He graduated Yale Law School in 1987.  He never attended medical school.  Since when did the Goat become “the Chairman?”  Is the Goat trying to emulate Kim Jong Un, the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)?

The LEDGER quoted the Goat: “I wasn’t surprised to hear from Jerry Brown since we have remained in close contact over the years, but his dropping by in the middle of our lively seudah certainly added to the Purim spirit.”  Jerry Brown didn’t look so impressed by the Goat in the photo.  The Goat always gets super drunk on Purim.  The Goat probably tried to corner Brown in the goat barn.  This was the last time Brown was ever seen publicly with the Goat.

The Ledger reported:  “The candidate’s campaign entourage joined him at the meal, which took place at the West Park Avenue home of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Greer and their family.  Also at the festive occasion were students of Tikvah High School for Girls and guest and friends of the Greers.  Bridgeport resident Steve Lazanov said, ‘no one will believe me tomorrow when I tell them that I was at a Purim meal with Jerry Brown.”

The Ledger continued:  “Many friends and neighbors dropped in to greet the governor, as news of his visit spread quickly throughout the Edgewood Park neighborhood.  Others were convinced that the news was a Purim joke and found the next morning that the joke had been on them! reported Dr. Biser.”

The Ledger reported:  “Brown then delivered a one minute campaign speech in which he quoted from Isaiah – ‘where there is no vision, the people will perish.'”  A couple of years after Jerry Brown had his visit with the Goat, reporter Paul Bass had a vision.  Paul Bass had a vision that the Goat was pure evil.  Paul the Prophet reported this vision in the New Haven Advocate.  Unfortunately Paul backed away from his vision and never followed up to investigate the Goat.  A teenage boy almost perished because of it.  One teenager who was raped by the Goat was committed to a Long Island psychiatric hospital after he attempted suicide.

The article ends with a quotation from a Tikva girl:  “This will be a Purim meal I shall always remember,” commented Tikvah junior Naomi Lake of Bridgeport.”



Harold Hack Sells His New Haven Home to Rev. Williams

One week ago Harold Hack sold his home in the compound for $265K to Reverend Joshua Williams.  Rev. Williams is a chaplain at Yale University.  Rev Williams is married to a court clerk who works for Federal Judge Victor Bolden.  Victor Bolden used to be the corporation counsel for the City of New Haven. Bolden let off a former Federal prosecutor who stole $600 K from his client with a 30 day prison sentence.

The Goat got Harold Hack a job working for the City of New Haven.  Harold worked for the City for many years, until he retired with a generous pension.  All thanks to the Goat.

Reverend Williams haggled the Hack down from Hack’s asking price, which was close to $300K.  It was a significant drop in price.  Hack must have dropped the price in order to cut ties to the compound as quickly as possible.

The Goat helped out many people in the compound.  Yale University is one of the most competitive universities in the country.  Yale strives for geographic diversity.  Since the year 2008 Connecticut residents have only made up about 5% of the Yale incoming freshman class.  The graduate schools are just as competitive.

Yet Yale accepted a large percentage of kids from the compound.  Two Greer kids, two Hacks, no less than 3 Zelinsky kids, and one Siev kid all got into Yale.  There may be more out there that I am unaware. Elisha Hack was part of the infamous dead on arrive Yale Five case that put the Goat on the national map.  Did the Goat have a paw in the high acceptance rate of Jewish kids from the compound?

One Zelinsky kid went to the Yale Law school and ended up clerking at the United States Supreme Court for Justices John Paul Stevens and Anthony Kennedy.  The Goat used to brag that if Jerry Brown were elected President then the Goat would be appointed to the United States Supreme Court.

Aaron Zelinsky has been working for the Department of Justice as an Assistant United States Attorney since 2014, about the time I got sentenced to jail.  At that time I was on good terms with the Goat.  The Goat should have contacted Zelinsky to put in a good word for me to spare me a 20 month prison in a case where I netted a few thousand bucks in attorneys fees and didn’t steal a dime from anyone.

Instead, the Goat referred me to the Head of the Connecticut Innocence Project Darcy “Quick Draw” McGraw, and her husband actor Mr. Robot.  They claimed to have a good relationship with my sentencing judge.  No wonder I got one of the highest sentences in my conspiracy.  I should have been a hedge fund scammer and made off with $46 million.  My sentencing judge gave Fairfield County resident and hedge fund scammer David Bryson 33 months.  I would have gladly spent another 13 months in the clink if I could have walked away with $46 million.

When Aaron Zelinsky was at Yale Law School he produced a law firm commercial in which he claimed to be a partner in the law firm of Zellinsky and Mills.  He was not yet a member of the Connecticut bar, yet he claimed to represent clients in such legal matters as “headaches, gas farting, bloating, decreased appetite, decreased sexual appetite, loose stool, dry mouth and habeas corpus.”  Throughout his commercial he tells viewers to call “1-800- SWEET – ASS – JUSTICE”  I tried to call that number and it connected me to the Goat’s personal phone line.  I didn’t want to get raped by the Goat so I hung up.

Ezi Greer Moving to Brookline, Massachusetts


The Riddler is a fictional supervillian appearing in comic books as the enemy of Batman.  Depicted as a Gotham City criminal mastermind, the Riddler takes delight in incorporating riddles and puzzles into his plots, and leaves them as clues for the authorities and Batman to solve.

Gotham is portrayed as a dark and foreboding metropolis rife with crime, grime, corruption, and urban decay.  New Haven and Gotham City have a lot in common.  New Haven is also a gritty city, rife with crime and corruption.  Gargoyles stare at you from every angle of the sinister gothic Yale buildings, such as the Yale Law School, where the Goat obtained his law degree.  The evil Goat continues to operate an unlicensed all boys boarding school from his foreboding compound known as the Nightmare on Elm Street, without a care in the world.  He has been close with every Mayor and police chief in New Haven for the past 40 years.

New Haven also has a character similar to the Riddler.  This person has recently been sending clues to Larry Noodles about the Goat’s family. This person expects me to to figure out these riddles.  This person calls himself, or herself, “Subterfuge Dirge.”

I do not know the identity of this person.  This person has recently been leaving me notes about Ezi Greer.  This person could be the Goat himself!

The most recent set of paperwork I received contained a lease allegedly signed by Ezi Greer to rent an apartment in Brookline, Massachusetts.  The lease contains many details about the apartment, such as the name of the landlord, the term, and the price.  I do not know if this lease is real or a fake.

I next received coded messages that indicate that Ezi Greer is moving to Brookline, MA.  Ezi is not moving to Brookline with his family.  Ezi is getting divorced.  I do not know if this is true.  Hopefully someone who reads this will tell me whether it is true or not, and provide me with further verification.

If the information provided to me from Subterfuge Dirge is indeed true, then SD will be a credible source of information.  If this information is false, then I will know the identity of SD.  SD can be none other than “Shin Dalet.”

The two Hebrew letters Shin and Dalet together spell the Biblical word “sh-dim” which means demons. According to one legend, the shedim are descendants of serpents, such as the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  Others say these demons they are descendants of Adam and Lilith.

Sh-dim are said to have had the feet and claws of roosters.  Ironically, Ezi Greer used to have a pet rooster, along with chickens, goats, a goose and other farm animals.  He tried to emulate his father by turning his garage into a barn. He used to put a bucket over his rooster at night, so that in the morning the rooster would not see the sun and wake up everyone in the neighborhood.  I am not sure what Ezi did with all his animals after he moved to Waterbury.  Is it possible Ezi had a big BBQ with the Goat before he left town?

During the Goat trial the judge allowed Mirlis and his expert witness to testify that Ezi may have been raped as a child by the Goat. To allow such inflammatory statements before a jury indicates that there was more to this story.  There was more information that the jury did not hear.  A judge will not allow a witness to make such outrageous statements without some basis in fact.

During trial Mirlis testified that Ezi and Avi banged on the locked door of the room where Mirlis was getting raped by the Goat.

During Avi Hack’s deposition, Avi was asked whether he had sex with his sister Rena.  Rena married Ezi.  I have been told by reliable sources that this rumor has been going around the compound for years.  I don’t know who started this rumor, or whether there is any truth to this rumor.  It could have been SD, or the Goat himself.

Ezi was known for frequently saying:  “What’s the sense in getting sober if you are only going to get drunk again.”  I am hopeful that the Hack and Greer family some day will come clean and join me on the Jerry Springer show.

New Haven Police Closing In On the Goat


The New Haven Police Department has assigned two officers to investigate the Goat.  Sargent David Zannelli is leading the investigation.  Zannelli is a long time veteran with the New Haven Police Department and handles cases involving the most dangerous criminals.  He gained notoriety when he was assigned to a special task force with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).  He busted 24 drug dealers and gang members in a raid in a neighborhood within a mile from the compound.

Officer Kris Cuddy is assisting Zannelli in the investigation.  Officer Cuddy has extensive experience involving rape cases.  For the past seven years Cuddy has worked in the Special Victims Unit to track down, arrest and incarcerate teachers who victimize students.  Cuddy was recently featured in a New York Times magazine article entitled “To Catch a Rapist.”

The New Haven Police Department is taking the Goat rape case very seriously to have assigned these prominent veteran officers to the case.

The walls are closing in on the Goat.  The Goat and his sycophant attorney William Ward played many games in the Federal civil trial.  The Goat will not be able to get away with his mishegas with Officers Zarrelli and Cuddy.  Zarrelli and Cuddy don’t play games.

Zarrelli and Cuddy are currently actively seeking any kind of information pertinent to the Goat investigation.  If you have information about the Goat, even if you think it may not be that relevant, please contact these officers immediately.  The sooner the Goat is locked up, the better.


Sergent Zannelli: 203-946-6304 ext: 1351
Detective Cuddy: 203-946-6304 ext: 1313

Final Judgment Entered Against the Goat

The Federal court entered a final judgment against the Goat yesterday in the amount of $21,749,041.10.  The Goat had the right to object to the amount of the judgment proposed by Mirlis by 5 PM on the date of June 6, 2017.  The Goat chose not to object.  The Goat now has thirty days, until the date of July 7, 2017, to appeal the jury verdict.  An appeal would be heard before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals at Foley Square in Manhattan.

The Goat is familiar with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  He was behind the Hack and Greer students who filed a lawsuit against Yale University claiming they were discriminated based on their religion because Yale did not have separate dorms for men and women. Yale even offered them separate sex floors and bathrooms to settle the case.  The Goat rejected the settlement offer.  He didn’t want to have to pay the dorm fees to have the kids live on campus.  He referred to the Yale campus as “Sodom and Gemorrah.

The Goat lost his lawsuit in Federal District court and then filed an appeal to the Second Circuit.  The Goat lost that appeal.  Jewish students at Yale were relieved after the Goat lost his appeal.

One Yale Jewish student who was interviewed after the appeal said he supported the Yale Five as “a friend.”  He said he knew the Greer and Hack families since he was a young child.  The name of this student was Jedidiah Siev.  Jedidiah Siev went on to become a psychologist specializing in treating patients with OCD brought on by violent, moral, religious and sexual obsessions.  According to his bio he treats Orthodox Jewish patients with obsessive compulsive disorders.  I wonder what diagnose Dr. Siev would give the Goat.

Jedidiah’s father is Dr. Moshe Siev, a local pediatrician who was named as a witness in the Goat’s short list of witnesses the Goat planned to call to testify at trial.  Dr. Moshe Siev never showed up for trial to support the Goat.  The only witnesses who showed up were the Ewe and Goat secretary Jean Ledbury.  Dr. Moshe Siev and his son Dr. Jedidiah Siev have abandoned the Goat. The Goat is angry that no loyalty exists in this world anymore.

Here is a copy of the Court order giving the Goat time to object to the judgment:

ORDER. Plaintiff has filed a motion for an award of offer-of-compromise interest. Accordingly, the Court proposes to enter judgment in the amount of $21,749,041.10, representing $15 million in compensatory damages, $5 million in common law punitive damages, and $1,749,041.10 in offer-of-compromise interest as of June 6, 2017 (the date of the proposed final judgment). The Court shall enter $21,749,041.10 as judgment in this case unless defendants file an objection to that judgment on the docket by 5:00 pm on June 6, 2017.

Signed by Judge Michael P. Shea on 6/5/2017. (Howard, H.) (Entered: 06/05/2017)

Goat Causes Bridgeport Diocese to Settle Four Child Rape Cases

On May 18, 2017 the Goat was slammed with the largest child molestation jury verdict in Connecticut history:  $15 million plus $5 million in punitive damages.  Three weeks later, on June 5, 2017, the Diocese of Bridgeport settled multiple child rape cases with a number of victims.  The amount of the settlements was not publicly disclosed, but the Connecticut Post reported that the Church paid out millions of dollars.  What are the odds of the Catholic Church settling these Connecticut child rape cases, that have been dragging out for years, three weeks after the Goat’s $20 million verdict?

The plaintiff victim in one of the Diocese cases filed an offer to settle his case two years ago for $850K.  Another victim filed an offer to settle in the amount of $750K.  Mirlis filed an offer to settle in the amount of $2.9 million.  It appears that getting raped by the Goat is worth far more money than getting raped by a Catholic priest.

The Catholic Church cases were all handled by the legendary law firm of Tremont & Sheldon, out of Bridgeport.  This firm has settled numerous child rape cases over the years against the Catholic Diocese in Connecticut. The aggressive attorney Paul Tremont started this law firm.  His son took over after he passed away.  I used to have an office next door to their office in Bridgeport.  Their parking lot was always packed with brand new high end European automobiles.  You can always tell how good your lawyer is by the automobile he or she drives.

The facts in the Diocese cases were very similar to the facts in the Goat case.  The Catholic Plaintiffs alleged in their complaint that the Diocese:   “induced the Catholic Faithful to entrust their children’s moral and spiritual well being and safety to its priests and failed to protect children who were without their parents;  allowed and encouraged Father Federici to freely interact and have one on one contact with minor parishioners;  knew that Father Federici was sexually abusing the minor plaintiff by virtue of the frequency with which Federici freely interacted with minors;  failed to enforce rules prohibiting clergy from having children in private rooms and places, and systematically covered-up sexual misconduct by its priests so as to further endanger minor parishioners.”

Jewish children who attended the Goat school could make the same allegations against Avi Hack, Dov Greer, Harold Hack and Ezi Greer that these Catholic kids made against the Diocese.  These Hack and Greer men “induced the Jewish Faithful to entrust their children’s moral and spiritual well being and safety unto the Goat, allowed and encouraged the Goat to freely interact and have one on one contact with Jewish children, knew that the Goat was sexually abusing minors by virtue of the frequency with which the Goat freely interacted with minors, looked the other way while the Goat confined children in private rooms with minors upon premises the Goat owned and controlled, and systematically covered-up sexual misconduct by the Goat so as to further endanger minors.”

The Goat’s Former Flame is a Book Dealer

In 1969 the Goat was engaged to a gal by the name of Bleema Rubin.  The Lincoln Square Shul bulletin ran an announcement on page ten.  The bulletin listed Steven Riskin as rabbi, Leon Bergman as Executive Secretary, with the Goat a member of the Board of Governors and chairman of the Hebrew School Committee.  Leon Bergman is the father of Sarah Bergman, the Ewe who eventually married the Goat after Bleema and the Goat parted ways.

The bulletin announced that a youth seminar was recently held in which hundreds of teenagers were put up in the Monsey Park Hotel, in Spring Valley, NY.  I wonder if the Goat, as chairman of the Hebrew School Committee, was there lurking the halls of the hotel.  Avi Hack testified that the Goat wanted to put Mirlis up in the Friar Tuck Inn, in the Catskills, in order to rape him.  Mirlis testified that the Goat showed him pornos and raped him at the Branford Motel.  The Goat testified that he never went to the Branford Motel.  The Goat corrected Mirlis and the attorneys and told them that the proper name of this seedy flea bag motel was the Branford Motor Inn.

The Lincoln Square Shul bulletin announced that the Ewe Sarah Greer ran a Chanukah program in which 25 teens were put up in local houses for Shabbat / Chanukah, page 7 of the bulletin.  The Goat and the Ewe had a lot in common back then.  They both enjoyed the company of teenagers.

I do not know the reason why the Goat and Bleema broke off their engagement.  Two years later, in 1971, the Goat was married to Sarah Greer.  The New York Times ran an article about the Goat’s wedding.  The Times reported that “Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik performed the ceremony at the St. Moritz, where he was assisted by Rabbis Emanuel Gettinger and Steven Riskin.”

Rabbi Riskin is a well known Rabbi in Israel.  Bleema Rubin is now Bleema Posner, and is a well known book dealer in Englewood, New Jersey.  Bleema’s husband Simon Posner recently edited a kinot (prayer book) based up the works of the great Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik.  The only claim to fame for the Goat is that he was hammered with the largest jury verdict in the history of the State of Connecticut for child rape.

Coincidentally, the criminal trial of rapist Bill Cosby has started today.  Bill Cosby is accused of acts of sexual assault that occurred in 2004.  The Goat’s trial involved acts of child rape that occurred in 2004.  Bill Cosby was sued civilly before the criminal trial.  Cosby was smart and settled the case with the victim, unlike the Goat.  Cosby is refusing to testify in his criminal trial.  The Judge cannot force a defendant to get on the witness stand in a criminal trial.  But the deposition of Cosby from the civil case is going to be entered into evidence in his criminal trial.

If the Goat is charged with a crime, the testimony from his civil trial could be entered into evidence in his criminal trial.  The Goat did a very poor job testifying before the civil jury.  I was there.  Jurors had looks of horror on their faces while the Goat barked at Attorney Ponvert.

Cosby gave his victims alcohol and quaaludes in order to make it easier to rape them.  The Goat gave his victims a bottle of wine and a bag of peanuts.  I wonder if the Goat’s peanuts were laced with a sedative.  Cosby and the Goat should share the same jail cell, they have a lot in common.

The Cosby case is being tried in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, not far from where the Goat raped Mirlis in a hotel room in Paoli, PA.  Montgomery County is also the county where the Goat’s son Dov moved. Dov lives in a modest rental in the town of Bala Cynwyd, not as spacious as his former home on Elm Street in the compound.  That house is now occupied by Rabbi Notis, who is in charge of keeping an eye on 20 teenage boys lest they get raped by the Goat.

Hopefully Notis will do more to stop the Goat from raping teenagers than Ezi Greer, who merely banged on the locked door to try to stop his father from raping Mirlis.  Ezi even allowed his own children to be regularly tutored by the Goat in the Goat’s private locked office, one after the other, in a room with no windows.  Mirlis and Dr. Jullian Ford testified that Ezi may have been raped by the Goat.  I have been told that the door to the Goat’s office has been recently replaced with a door that has a window.  Notis doesn’t have to bang on a double locked door in order to stop the Goat from raping teens.  Notis can now look through the window to make sure nobody is getting raped by the Goat.