Goat Criminal Case Moves Forward

The next Court date for the case of State of Connecticut v. Daniel Greer is August 29th at the Superior Court located at 235 Church Street, New Haven, CT.  The case is open to the public.  If you wish to see Mr. Greer appear before one of the criminal court judges you are welcome to enter the courtroom and watch the show.  The Goat will not say anything.  The Goat’s attorney will most likely tell the judge that he needs more time to investigate the matter and to reschedule the case for another day.  The judge most likely will set another date for the Goat to come back to court in about a month or so.

The Goat has the constitutional right to a speedy trial, but it is doubtful that the Goat will assert this right.  If the Goat waives his right to a speedy trial, a trial on his case may not be scheduled for well over a year.  Most defendants do not want a speedy trial.  Time can work in the defendant’s favor.   A complaining witness could change his story, get arrested, or get run over by a bus.  Anything can happen.

The picture above is the court docket that hung on the wall when the Goat last appeared in the criminal court.  The Goat’s name is at the bottom of the list below the name of John Giammattei.  Giammattei had pleaded guilty to a sexual assault back in 2015 and had violated his probation.  Giammattei is a registered sex offender.  The Goat will soon join Giammattei on the list of registered sex offenders.

The Goat will face one of a number of judges assigned to the criminal high court of New Haven.  The list of criminal judges includes Jon Alander, Jon Blue, Brian Fischer, Joseph Licari and Bruce Thompson.  Having appeared before these judges for the last 20 years as an attorney, I can attest that these guys are known as no nonsense judges.  They don’t cut breaks at sentencing, unlike some of the Federal judges that I have followed.  These Judges have been around for years and will have no sympathy for the Goat at sentencing.

Judge Blue recently sentenced 65 year old John Elliott Sr., to 18 years in prison for having raped his own daughter over the course of 15 years.  Elliot’s attorney told Judge Blue that Elliot had worked for the Special Olympics and volunteered to help drug addicts, and contributed much to  the community.  Elliot pleaded with Judge Blue that he not be sentenced to die in jail.    Judge Blue had no mercy for this miscreant and told him: “You’ve been convicted of a truly heinous crime. Your suggestion that these matters should be eclipsed by ‘the good you’ve done,’ I can’t accept.”  The Goat’s attorney Willie Dow told the press that he “proudly” represented the Goat, and “Rabbi Greer has a long history of positive contributions to the New Haven community.” That argument won’t fly in Judge Blue’s courtroom.

The Goat raped Avi Hack, practically his own son, over the course of 12 years.  The Goat is only being charged with the rape of Eli Mirlis, but you never know, Avi Hack could come forward.  Avi Hack should come forward, but his mind has been so damaged by the Goat that he is not brave enough to face the Goat in court.  The expert who testified in the Mirlis trial said that victims of such abuse suffer Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, which basically makes them mentally handicapped for the rest of their lives.  They never recover.

You would think that at this point in time the Goat would only be focused on trying to avoid getting hammered with 18 years in prison.  You thought wrong.  The Goat’s attorney Stuart Margolis filed papers this past Friday in eviction court seeking to have the Undertaker physically removed from the apartment that he rented from the Goat for the past 28 years.  The Goat started eviction proceedings against the Undertaker late last year.  The Goat and the Undertaker reached an agreement where the Undertaker would vacate the property.  The Undertaker had moved almost everything out of his apartment by Thursday night. This didn’t stop the Goat’s attorney from filing a summary process execution on Friday morning to have the Undertaker physically removed from the apartment, by the police if necessary.  The Undertaker rented this apartment for close to 30 years.  The Goat wanted him out because the Goat thought that the Undertaker was a spy for Larry Noodles. Not only did the Undertaker lose his apartment, but he also lost his job at the Edge of the Hood, all because of the Goat.

The Goat evicted a number of other Jewish tenants since the child rape case started, including a PhD from Yale and Harvard University who is currently podcasting interesting and entertaining information about the history of the State of Connecticut.  I blogged about how the Goat evicted a number of elderly and impoverished Jews from the compound.   The Goat also kicked out Jews whose leases had expired.  The Goat wouldn’t renew their leases.  There still remains a few Jews left renting from the Goat.  I don’t know why the Goat is allowing a few to stay while kicking out the rest for no reason.  I cannot get into the mind of a Goat.

The Goat Forges Ahead With Defamation Case Against Larry Noodles

On the date of July 19, 2016 the Goat filed a two count civil lawsuit against me for information that I “published on the internet under the name of Larry Noodles.”  The Goat claimed in his lawsuit that on the date of April 14, 2016, I “falsely reported a claim of sexual molestation.”  Attorney Willie the Ward filed this lawsuit on behalf of his Goat client.

On the date of March 16, 2017 I filed a countersuit against the Goat after he physically attacked me on the Sabbath for entering into a Jewish house of worship known as the Yeshiva of New Haven, AKA The Gan School, AKA The Torah Center, AKA The School of Sodom.  In any event, I was physically kicked out of a public house of worship by a member of a non-profit organization for no reason whatsoever.

On the date of July 13, 2017 attorney David Grudberg filed paperwork indicating that he would also be representing the Goat in addition to Willie the Ward.  My attorney Joseph Merly is now outnumbered. One lawyer wasn’t good enough for the Goat.  The Goat has money to spend on two lawyers, but has no money to give to his rape victims.

On the date of June 21, 2017 the Superior Court of New Haven issued the following order in the case of Goat v. Noodles:


On the date of July 28th my attorney appeared at the Superior Court to see what was going on. The Clerk of the Court indicated that nobody from the Goat’s wet dream team of attorneys showed up.  The Clerk also mentioned that Willie the Ward had filed a Motion to Exempt the Goat case from the dismissal order on July 27th. Ward wrote in his motion: “the parties agreed to suspend action on this case until a District Court trial concluded.”  Neither me nor my attorney ever agreed to suspend the Goat case until the rape trial concluded.  In any event the rape trial had already concluded when Ward filed his motion asking for additional time until “the District Court trial concluded.”  This is the same Willie the Ward who notarized the Goat’s bogus restraining order application, which was never granted.  Ward handed the meaningless stack of restraining order paperwork to Judge Shea in an attempt to get me kicked out of the Federal courthouse.  Judge Shea rebuked Ward for such unethical behavior.

Judge Abrams granted Ward’s motion to exempt the Goat case from dismissal based on Ward’s misrepresentation to the Court.  Judge Abrams issued the following order:  07/27/2017  PLAINTIFF’S MOTION TO EXEMPT FROM DOCKET MANAGEMENT PROGRAM Result: Granted  07/27/2017  HON JAMES ABRAMS

At this point I am going to have to file a Motion to Dismiss the Goat’s defamation case.  The Goats claim against me for defamation has become moot.  The Goat was hit with a $21 million verdict in a Federal child rape case and the Goat was recently arrested for child rape.  How could I have possibly caused the Goat more damage to his reputation that he didn’t already cause to himself.  But the Goat’s reputation with his Ewe still remains intact.  The Ewe still stays by the side of her ornery Goat, and is seen arm and arm with the Goat walking around the compound.

The Connecticut Bar Association should revoke Ward’s law license for his complete disregard for the ethical of attorney behavior and moral laws of society.  If it was up to me I wouldn’t even let Ward have a drivers license.  You know the standards for lawyer competence and ethics have reached rock bottom when four attorneys, ie., Nugent, Ward, Grudberg and Greer cannot read a simple restraining order.  The only lawyer who was able to read the restraining order and explain it to Judge Shea was convict attorney Larry Noodles who is still on probation, with the Feds breathing down his neck trying to send him back to Federal prison.

Even if Willie the Ward handed Judge Shea a valid restraining order, my First Amendment constitutional right of public access to the courts would override the restraining order.  This is established constitutional law that the Goat’s three attorneys never mentioned to Judge Shea. The Second Circuit case of Huminski sets forth its principals:  “The law plays a pervasive role in our society, and the trial is its most visible manifestation. Where for lawyers the law is found in the reporters, treatises, and statutes, for the public the epitome of legal drama is the trial. Celebrated trials compete for space in the newspapers, inspiring countless repetitions and revisions in novels, on television, and in the movies. For the general public it is in these cases … that the law itself is on trial, quite as much as the cause which is to be decided. Holding court in public thus assumes a unique significance in a society that commits itself to the rule of law… there is a strong societal interest in public trials. Openness in court proceedings may improve the quality of testimony, induce unknown witnesses to come forward with relevant testimony, cause all trial participants to perform their duties more conscientiously, and generally give the public an opportunity to observe the judicial system. A result considered untoward may undermine public confidence, and where the trial has been concealed from public view an unexpected outcome can cause a reaction that the system at best has failed and at worst has been corrupted. To work effectively, it is important that society’s judicial process satisfy the appearance of justice, and the appearance of justice can best be provided by allowing people to observe it…. A person singled out for exclusion from the courtroom, who is thereby barred from first-hand knowledge of what is happening there, moreover, is placed at an extraordinary disadvantage in his or her attempt to compete in the marketplace of ideas about the conduct of judges and the judicial system.”

The Goat’s wet dream team of attorneys have no respect for the First Amendment Constitutional right of public access to the courts.  They might as well burn an American flag in the compound.  But they respect the grunting sounds of their Goat client when he hands them a bogus restraining order. These attorneys need to read Rule 1.16 of the Rules of Professional Conduct, which states: “A lawyer shall not represent a client or, where representation has commenced, shall withdraw from the representation of a client if: The representation will result in violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct or other law.  A lawyer may withdraw from representing a client if the client persists in a course of action involving the lawyer’s services that the lawyer reasonably believes is criminal or fraudulent, the client has used the lawyer’s services to perpetrate a crime or fraud, or the client insists upon taking action that the lawyer considers repugnant or with which the lawyer has a fundamental disagreement.”


Greer Jr. & Hack Sr. Look To Rebuild the Compound in Waterbury

Harold Hack is the father of Avi Hack.  Avi became a rabbi about ten years ago.  Harold became a rabbi three years ago.  Harold was the Goat’s biggest supporter and protector while the Goat groomed teenage boys for sodomy and other acts of depravity at his boarding school for the past 30 years.  Harold’s son Avi was the principal of this School of Sodom.  Not only was Avi the principal, but Avi submitted to the Goat’s sick perversions for 12 years, until the Goat found a new victim, ie., Eli Mirlis.  Neither Harold nor Avi ever warned the numerous children who enrolled in the School of Sodom that a depraved Goat lurked about the halls looking to rape young boys.

Avi’s sister married the Goat’s son Ezi.  Ezi currently is impersonating a rabbi in the City of Waterbury.  Ezi posted Youtube videos in which he calls himself “Rabbi Greer.”  Avi Hack and Harold Hack are fully ordained rabbis. They took the tests.  They have the certificates. Ezi never made it through rabbi school, nor did he ever enroll in rabbi school.  Ezi works for the Navarino Property Group.

Ezi’s profile on the Navarino web site says the following:  “Eliezer Greer is the Director of Operations at Navarino Capital. Eliezer, was the chief operating officer at Edgewood Elm Housing Inc., a non profit management company in New Haven, CT, for a decade. As the Chief Operating Officer he managed multiple crews and oversaw the historical renovation, gentrification, rental, and maintenance of 145 rental units, in Greater New Haven. He streamlined the companies operations eliminating waste and inconsistencies.  Eliezer has always been active in the community co-chairing the New Haven Community Policing Task Force as well founding the Edgewood Park Defense Patrol. Eliezer currently resides in Waterbury with his wife, Rena, and eight kids.  Eliezer is a graduate of Brown University.”

Ezi’s wife Rena is Avi Hack’s sister. Did Rena know about the depraved Goat and fail to warn other mothers who enrolled their children in the School of Sodom for the past thirty years?  It came out in the civil trial that Rena’s husband Ezi may have been raped by his Goat father.  The Goat attacked Rena during the litigation, accusing Rena of having had sex with her brother Avi.  Why would the Goat lash out at Rena?  There must be more to this story that only Rena knows.

Ezi Greer left town as soon as Mirlis filed his child rape case in Federal Court.  It was Passover of 2016 that Ezi took Rena and his eight kids and fled the School of Sodom and made their journey to the promised land of Waterbury.  Ezi left so fast he forgot to cancel Passover invitations he had extended to people in New Haven.  Ezi’s father in law, Harold Hack, on the other hand, refused to leave.  Harold stayed in the compound for another year before making his way to Waterbury.  Ezi Greer and Harold Hack spent no time communing with the Creator on their journey to Waterbury.  They spent no time asking the Jewish community for forgiveness for having protected a child rapist for the past 30 years.  Instead, they packed up their minivans with the Gracks (Greer father + Hack mother = Grack grandchildren) got on Route 69, of all highways, and made a b line to Waterbury, never looking back.

Ezi did come back to Mitzrayim one time, just before his father got arrested for child rape.  Ezi went to New Haven City Hall and attempted to curry favor with his old buddies in the New Haven political establishment, such as her Highness Mayor Toni Harp, who was appointing the new Chief of Police.  Her Harpness, along with disgraced former Police Chief Dean Esserman, spent many hours at Goat fundraising events to help raise money for the School of Sodom.  Front page news showed a picture of “policing activist” Ezi Greer shaking hands with the new police chief, while his Goat father was under investigation for operating an unlicensed and unregistered School of Sodom for the last 30 years.

Greer Jr. and Hack Sr. have set up shop in Waterbury.  Hack Sr. recently purchased a house in Waterbury.  Greer Jr. still owns his house in New Haven but rents a place in Waterbury.  His New Haven house remains vacant.  Who is paying the mortgage, taxes and insurance on this empty house?

Hack Sr. hosted a BBQ this past Sunday and invited a number of people from the compound in order to celebrate the purchase of his new home in Waterbury.  I was told by local confidential informants (CI’s as the Feds call them) that former Goat supporters Otis and lounge singer Gary Lynes, who in 1957 co-wrote the song “Love Me Forever” which hit 87 on the top 100 songs of 1957, were at the celebration. I heard that Gary wrote a little lullaby for the occasion. I assume Quick Draw McGraw and Mr. Robot were also invited to the festival, and may have even attended this celebration. But I cannot confirm any information at this point.  I assume Avi Hack and his siblings were also at the party, along with the Grack grandchildren, who do not speak with the Goat, or his Ewe for that matter. Ewe will not replace the Goat.  Til death Ewe us part.

I wonder how rape victim Eli Mirlis, and the other victims, spent this past Sunday?  Mirlis was probably wondering how he would ever get paid on the $21 million verdict.  Eli is going to have to give one third of every dollar he recovers to personal injury attorney Ponvert and another one third to collection attorney Beatman.  The Goat hired an army of high priced lawyers in order to delay and hinder the collection activities of Mirlis’ attorneys.  The Goat is even trying to get the verdict overturned.  Attorney Ponvert, who represents Mirlis, just notified Judge Shea of a recent similar case decided by the Connecticut Supreme Court which upheld a $41 million verdict against a private boarding school.  Ponvert was the attorney who worked on this case, his name appears in the decision. In the Munn case the Supreme Court stated:   “The defendant invites us to examine the verdicts returned by other juries in other cases and to engage in an exercise of comparing which plaintiff’s injuries are worse.  We decline this invitation.  No one life is like any other and the damages for the destruction of one furnish no fixed standard for others.”

The Goat Goes To Criminal Court

I caught the Goat on tape leaving the criminal courthouse after his lawyer told Superior Court Judge Karen Sequino that the Goat was going to plead not guilty to two counts of sexual assault in the second degree.  Judge Sequino didn’t look too impressed with the Goat.

The Goat got to court at about 9 AM, as soon as the doors opened.  The Goat sat in front row of the courtroom and read a hand sized book of tehillim (psalms) while he waited for his attorney.

The Goat’s attorney Willie Dow eventually arrived at about 10:30 AM.  The Goat conferred with his attorney out in the hall.  The Goat made a few phone calls in the hall on his cell phone.  The Goat spotted me in the hall.  The Goat approached me but kept his distance.  The Goat got close enough to me to stare at me with daggers in his eyes.  If looks could kill.  I don’t know why the Goat hates me so much.  The Goat should enroll in an anger management class with Ed Stein, a guy I met in Otisville prison, who is still doing ten years for a ten million dollar ponzi scheme.

There were numerous reporters covering the Goat’s criminal case.  I was surprised.  Davis Richardson from the right wing website the Daily Caller was there.  Chris Peak from the left wing New Haven Independent was there.  A reporter from the New Haven Register was there.  There was also a reporter named Christian James, who mostly covers sports, but he said he was working on a piece for NPR.  I filled in the reporters on the history of the depraved Goat as best as I could.  I am finally getting the respect that eludes most bloggers.

There were numerous people who were absent from the courthouse.  The Goat’s Ewe was not present.  The Goat’s entire family was not there.  The rabbis and students from the Goat’s yeshiva were not there.  There was no sign of Quick Draw McGraw or Mr. Robot.  Nobody was there to support the Goat other than the Goat’s six figure retainer lawyer Willie the Dow.

The Goat’s case was rescheduled for August 29th.  The Goat’s case was transferred to high court.  Most criminal cases start in low court on 121 Elm Street.  If the criminal case is a serious felony it gets transferred to the big boys on 235 Church Street, ie., Part A.  The Prosecutor’s Office is not going to let the Goat off easy.  The Goat will have to face his victims in high court.  No deals for the Goat.  The Goat should prepare to serve a long time in the Big House.

The Goat parked his car right in front of the court building on Elm Street.  The Goat drove erratically after he left the courthouse. He almost crashed into a few cars and he ran the right light at the busy intersection.







The Goat’s Scar

The court date for the criminal case of State of Connecticut vs. Daniel Greer, CR17-0177934, was originally scheduled for Friday, August 11.  It was rescheduled for Monday, August 14th.  The Goat’s attorney Willie the Dow probably wanted to take a long weekend in the Hamptons rather than hang out at the Elm Street criminal courthouse with the drug addicts, wife beaters, burglars, sex offenders, gang bangers and unruly farm animals such as the goat.

The New Haven Police Department released to the press affidavits from the Goat’s criminal file.  I was not provided with a copy of these affidavits.  Bloggers like myself still do not get the kind of respect they deserve.  As much as it repulses me, I must rely on reporting by Yale Illuminati Skull & Boner Chris Peak, who works for fellow Yale Skull and Boner Paul Bass.  Paul Bass doesn’t report on the Goat anymore.  Bass has been hiding under his desk in his little cubicle on Orange Street ever since I wrote about how he dropped the ball thirty years ago by failing to follow up with his investigation of the Goat.

The affidavits released to the press reveal that Eli Mirlis told the cops that he knows about a scar located on the Goat’s body that runs from the Goat’s thigh to his betzim.  I watched Mirlis testify about this scar at the Federal civil trial.  This scar was not the result of a knife fight but was caused by two hernia operations.  In defense of the Goat, the Ewe testify that “everybody” knew about the Goat’s two hernia operations in 2001 and 2005, because the Goat was “limping.”  She implied that Eli Mirlis was using this public scar information in order to bring down the Goat.

If “everybody” knew about the Goat’s scar, as the Ewe testified, how come nobody from the compound, not even the Goat’s own children, showed up to testify about the Goat scar.  The Goat’s only other witness was his long time secretary Jean Ledbury.  Ledbury didn’t mention anything about a hernia scar.  The Goat coached the Ewe and Ledbury while they were being cross examined by Attorney Ponvert.  They both stared at the Goat from the witness stand while the Goat nodded or made a face after each question.  It’s the oldest trick in the book.  As an experienced trial lawyer with a criminal mind, I was able to pick up on the this illegal behavior immediately.  I went out in the hall during break and alerted Ponvert’s team of attorneys.  I would advise the Office of the State’s Attorney to keep an eye on the Goat during his criminal trial.  From my own experience, the best way to counter this activity would be to stand in front of the Goat, blocking his view of the witness, while asking the questions.

Mirlis also described the Goat’s master bedroom in detail.  How would Mirlis know the details of the Goat’s master stable unless Mirlis was actually in there getting raped by the Goat?  The Ewe testified in the Goat’s defense that during parties at the Goat house “everybody” wandered upstairs into the master bedroom.  I have been at many parties at the Goat house.  Nobody ever went up to the second floor of the Goat house.  The Goat never offered a guided tour of his master bedroom, nor did the Goat offer a public viewing of his hernia scars.

Most of the Goat parties occurred outside in the Goat’s sukkah.  I cannot imagine why anyone would have a reason to venture into the Goat’s master bedroom.  The Goat kept his parties under tight control.  The Goat was a neat freak, he was very anal.  The Goat had workers at his parties making sure everything was kept clean and nobody got out of hand, other than the Goat, who would get completely hammered. There was no way the Goat was going to allow someone to go to the second floor and risk soiling his master bedroom.

This Shabbat the Goat had a crew shipped in from Lakewood, New Jersey to help make his minyan.  I spotted a few clueless Lakewooders wandering around town.  They looked like they were in their late teens, or early twenties.  The Goat has a lot of money to spend on these male prostitutes, while he stiffs his rape victim out of $21 million.  The Goat will soon be in jail living in close quarters with other guys charged with sex crimes 24/7.  This may not be much of a punishment for the gay goat.


Atty Ponvert’s Scathing Response To The Goat’s Motion for New Trial


A month ago the Goat’s wet noodle dream team of cheerleader attorneys David Grudberg, Willie the Ward, and Amanda Nuuugent submitted a Motion for a New Goat Trial. They shamelessly argued to Judge Shea that the $21 million verdict against the Goat was a “miscarriage of justice.”  They wrote these words with a straight face.  I watched this wet dream team write their memo in their fancy Carmody & Torrence Offices at the top of the 19th floor on the Green in New Haven.  I was disguised as a window washer.  The wet dream team tried to push me out the window but they failed, just as they will fail in their ridiculous motion for a new Goat trial.

Ponvert just filed a memorandum of law in opposition to the Motion for a New Goat trial.  Ponvert minced no words in his blistering attack against the Goat, and the Goat’s attorney Willie the Ward.  In most cases legal memos tend to be rather boring and mostly contain case analysis and legalese.  Ponvert’s memo ripped the Goat, and his attorney Willie the Ward, to shreds.

Ponvert opened his memo with a graphic description of the multiple crimes perpetrated by the Goat. Ponvert quoted many portions of the trial transcript:

“The first time he abused him, Greer plied Eli with alcohol, pretended to care about Eli’s family and history, acknowledged Eli’s parents’ financial struggles, and then kissed him.  When Eli reacted with shock and disgust, Greer responded ‘oh, it’s nothing. I do this to my kids all the time.’ Greer’s abuse then progressed to physical touching and a litany of forced sex acts, including ‘oral sex, anal sex, kissing. Anything within the realm of sexual conduct….’ Greer abused this child approximately a dozen times at the Branford motel alone, where, in a detail almost too disgusting to relate, there was a ‘hot tub.’  Greer’s sexual assaults usually lasted ‘an hour, hour and a half.’  When Greer raped Eli each of the dozen times at the Branford motel ‘it was longer, three, four hours.’ Greer kept Eli at the Paoli motel for 26 hours.  During Eli’s sophomore, junior and senior high school years, ‘it was on the order of at least weekly or every other week, sometimes more often than that.’  ‘[I]t was once per week definitely in 10th grade.’ Whenever Eli refused Greer’s demands, ‘I’d get screamed at in classes or my grades would suffer.’

Ponvert then took aim at the Goat’s wet noodle dream team of attorneys, who sunk to new lows in defending their Goat client:

“Incredibly, in the face of this overwhelming factual record, the defendants actually argue that the Court should question whether the claimed abuse occurred at all, and they appear to insinuate that, even if the abuse did occur, Eli enjoyed it.  The defendants continue to claim – and to insist that this Court find – that the plaintiff is a liar and a cheat.  Even more amazingly, the defendants argue that Greer’s sexual abuse could not have occurred, or if it did occur could not have harmed the plaintiff, because Eli associated with Greer after high school and invited Greer to participate in important life events.  The defendants traipsed this ‘post high school’ claim before the jury over and over again during trial, and argued it ad nauseam during closing; and the jury rejected it as meaningless, nonsensical, and devoid of factual support or common sense. The defendants’ feverish insistence that the Court re-weigh the evidence to make factual findings plainly rejected by the jury on a full and complete evidentiary record betray a profound misunderstanding of applicable law, a strategic blind spot of incomprehensible breadth, and the same arrogance and contempt that was their undoing at trial.”

Ponvert provided Judge Shea with an example of the “arrogance and contempt” the Goat and his attorneys displayed during the trial.  Ponvert focused on when Attorney Ward tried to have the highly respectable blogger Larry Noodles thrown out of the Courtroom:

“The defendants’ tactics remind one of Attorney Ward’s remarkable insistence at trial that Judge Shea immediately enforce an alleged state court restraining order that even a cursory examination revealed was never granted. “THE COURT: Next time read it more carefully….”

Ponvert continued his scathing attack and exposed the Goat’s reason for not offering any kind of defense whatsoever during the entire course of the litigation:

“The defendants chose not to hire an expert psychologist or psychiatrist to interview the plaintiff. They called no damages fact witnesses, chose not to publish to the jury a single page of Eli’s therapy records, and failed even to depose the plaintiff’s expert before trial. These deliberate choices reflect a tactical decision to avoid discovering and submitting even more evidence of the severity of Eli’s injuries and their impact on his life.”

Ponvert concluded with these heartbreaking words, words that should make the many protectors and enablers of the Goat hide their heads in shame, individuals who took money from this monster for years, without any concern for the people he victimized:

“The sad and horrific fact is that there is no other sexual abuse case with damages meaningfully comparable to this one, where a trusted religious mentor 50 years older than the victim, exercising complete control and custody of the plaintiff, inflicted 90 separate sexual assaults over a period of three years while the principal of the victim’s boarding school with actual knowledge of the assaults deliberately failed to report or stop them, resulting in, among other things: the plaintiff’s total emotional unavailability to his wife and children; chronic, severe and permanent PTSD; a desire on the part of the plaintiff’s wife to kill herself; 70 total years of mental and emotional suffering; and the victim’s complete and permanent loss of trust in any other human being and even God.”

Judge Shea Issues Order To Show Cause Against the Goat

A week ago Attorney Beatman, who is trying to collect $21 million from the Goat, filed a motion to take the deposition of the Goat and also filed a motion to attach the Goat’s bank accounts.  None of the Goat’s wet dream team of attorneys objected or even responded to the two motions.  Attorneys Willie Dow, Willie the Ward, Davie Grudberg, the Sklarz boyz, and the token female Amanda Nugent, all took the Fifth Amendment and invoked their right to remain silent.  The only sound you heard from this wet dream team of attorneys was the ka-ching sound of their cash registers cashing in coins made of goat gold.

The Goat filed a Motion for a New Trial, which Judge Shea has not yet ruled upon.  The Goat may file an appeal.  In the meantime, Attorney Beatman wants to start collection proceedings against the Goat, as Mirlis has a $21 million verdict, and the Goat is sleezier than his own wet dream team of attorneys.  The Goat can stop Beatman’s collection activities by posting an insurance bond with the Court. An insurance bond is security in case the Goat loses his motion for new trial or loses his appeal.  But no insurance company in the world would be stupid enough to back the Goat for $21 million.  The Goat can file bankruptcy, which would also stop collection proceedings.  The Goat already hired the Sklarz boyz, who specialize in bankrupting reprobates like the Goat.

Yesterday Judge Shea issued an order to show cause against the Goat, which is rarely done in the Federal courts.  With an order to show cause Judge Shea gave the Goat’s wet dream team one last chance to respond to Beatman’s motions.  The Goat and his wet dream team of limp noodle attorneys must either respond by August 21, or suffer the consequences. An attorney must do more for a client than just cash the client’s checks.


Here is a copy of Judge Shea’s full order:

ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE: Plaintiff has filed a 186 motion for order directing the clerk to issue the (ECF Nos. 174, 176) writs of execution. The 186 motion indicates that the “[j]udgment remains unsatisfied in full and the Defendants have paid nothing on the same.” (ECF No. 186 at 1.) Plaintiff has also filed a motion to take the deposition of Daniel Greer for the purpose of discovering information about his assets. (ECF No. 187). Also, pending before the Court is Defendants’ 172 motion under Rule 59 for a new trial or, in the alternative, for remittitur.

Rule 62 of the Fed. R. Civ. P. provides — absent two exceptions that are inapplicable here — an execution may issue on a judgment if more than fourteen days have elapsed since a judgment’s entry. Fed. R. Civ. P. 62(a) (“Except as stated in this rule, no execution may issue on a judgment, nor may proceedings be taken to enforce it, until 14 days have passed after its entry.”). Further, subsection (b) of Rule 62 provides that execution of the judgment may be stayed pending the resolution of a motion under Rule 59 but only “[o]n appropriate terms for the opposing party’s security.” Id. Typically, that standard “require[s] [a party] to post a bond sufficient to protect the prevailing party’s interest in the judgment.” Lawyers Title Ins. Corp. v. Singer, 2011 WL 1827268, at *1 (D. Conn. Mar. 7, 2011)(internal quotation marks and citations omitted)(citing cases). Nonetheless, a “[c]ourt may grant a stay without requiring the judgment debtor to post a bond if the judgment debtor can show that in the absence of standard security, the judgment creditor will be properly secured against the risk that the judgment debtor will be less able to satisfy the judgment after the disposition of the post-trial motions.” Id. (internal quotation marks and citations omitted)(citing cases).

In this case, more than 14 days have passed since the 163 judgment’s entry, and Defendants have not filed a motion to stay execution of the 163 judgment, posted a bond to protect plaintiff’s interest in the 163 judgment or shown that such bond is unwarranted because the Plaintiff’s interest in the judgment will be protected pending the disposition of their 172 motion. Therefore, on or before August 21, 2017, Defendants are ordered to show cause why the Court should not grant the relief prayed for in the 186 motion and in the 187 motion to take deposition of Daniel Greer.

Beatman Files 4 Foreclosures Cases Against Deadbeat Greer

Attorney Beatman, the man who was hired by Mirlis to collect on the $21 million from deadbeat judgment debtor Daniel Greer has filed four foreclosure in the Superior Court of the State of Connecticut seeking to foreclose on four properties owned by the Goat:  1.  The Goat’s stable where the Goat lives with his wife the Ewe at 133 West Park Avenue, New Haven;  2.  The Goat’s school located at 765 Elm Street, New Haven;  3.  Two lots located on Cheshire Road in the Town of Bethany, ie., 195 Cheshire Road, and 211 Cheshire Road.

The Goat house at 133 West Park Avenue is where the Goat raped Mirlis in the same bed where the Goat slept with his Ewe.  The Goat school building is where the Goat lured teenage boys to be groomed for sodomy and other depraved acts too disgusting to describe in this family friendly blog.  The two lots in Bethany is where the Goat took Mirlis for a picnic and attempted to rape Mirlis in the woods. In most cases the Goat greeted Mirlis with a bottle of alcohol and a bag of peanuts or cashews.

The Goat was recently arrested by the New Haven Police Department.  The Goat has a court date in the criminal court scheduled for August 11, at 9:30 A.M.  Although the deadbeat Goat has refused to pay Mirlis a dime of the $21 million judgment debt, the Goat had money to pay for one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the State of Connecticut.  Attorney Dow does not work for free. Attorney Dow typically charges a six figure retainer up front before he files his appearance.  After the Goat check cleared Willie Dow told the press:  “I proudly represent Rabbi Greer, Rabbi Greer has a long history of positive contributions to the New Haven community. He intends to plead not guilty. He looks forward to addressing these unfounded charges in court.”

Dow represented former Governor John Rowland back in 2004 when Rowland was indicted by the Feds for corruption. Dow got Rowland a sweetheart deal where Rowland only served ten months in Federal prison.  Ten years later, when Rowland got indicted by the Feds again, Rowland hired high powered DC lawyer Reid Weingarten to defend him in the second case. Rowland’s high powered lawyers paid off.  Weingarten got Rowland only 30 months jail time for political corruption with a prior felony conviction.

William Dow also represented former Federal prosecutor Harold James Pickerstein, who stole $600K from his client.  Willie was hired by Pickerstein many years earlier at the United States Attorney’s Office.  Dow got Pickerstein a 30 day jail sentence in Federal prison, when the Feds were looking to lock him away for years.  Dow opened his argument to Judge Bolden at Pickerstein’s sentencing with the following words:  “There is a shtick that lawyers use when talking about their clients, its an honor to represent the individual. This is not a shtick.”  Was it a shtick when Willie Dow told the New Haven Register that he “proudly represents Daniel Greer?”  Or is Willie Dow really proud to defend this depraved monster?

Pickerstein also had help from Federal Judge and former Federal prosecutor Fitzsimmons, who wrote a character letter on behalf of Pickerstein, which is against the judicial canon of ethics.  I pointed this out to the Second Circuit.  Fitzsimmons apologized and indicated she was not familiar with this rule, unlike former Federal Judge and US Attorney General Michael Mukassey, who tried to keep my cellmate Naftuli Schlesinger out of jail.  He asked Naftuli’s sentencing judge whether he could submit a character letter for Naftuli, considering that it was against the rules.  The sentencing judge shot him down.  Naftuli ended up with 15 years in the slammer for burning down his factory and trying to cash in on the insurance policy.

Leona Helmsley did 19 months in Federal prison after stiffing the IRS out of $8 million in taxes. Leona had a high powered team of lawyers which included the infamous Alan Dershowitz.  I got 20 months in Federal prison after I closed a handful of no income verification sub prime mortgage loans just before the real estate market crashed.  I made no money other than closing fees.  I didn’t have a team of high powered lawyers or any big time connections with the Feds.  I tried to call President Obama but he wouldn’t return any of my phone calls.  I even left a few voice mail messages.  Leona Helmsley once said “Only the little people pay taxes.”  Larry Noodles once said, “Only the little people go to Federal prison.”

Attorney Beatman also filed a Motion in the Federal Court for examination of deadbeat judgment debtor Daniel Greer.  The Motion for Examination of deadbeat debtor will allow Beatman to take the deposition of the Goat and ask the Goat about where he is hiding his assets.  If the Goat doesn’t show up for the deposition he could be held in contempt and locked up in a Federal holding cell.

Beatman additionally filed a Motion for Writ of Execution against the Goat’s bank accounts.    The Motion for Writ of Execution is a document signed by Judge Shea that allows a Federal Marshal to clean out the Goat’s bank accounts.  I am sure the Goat cleaned out his bank accounts a long time ago in order to pay for William Dow.



The State of Connecticut vs. Daniel Greer, CR17-0177934

The Goat is scheduled to appear in Court on August 11th.  The Goat made the Jewish Community Watch Wall of Shame and also made the State of Connecticut criminal court docket.  The caption of the Goat case:  State of Connecticut v. Daniel Greer, CR17-0177934.

The New Haven Jewish community maintains its vow of silence with regard to the Goat.  Judy Alperin, CEO of the New Haven Jewish Federation told the New Haven Register: “The organization is supportive of New Haven in its pursuit of justice. A child’s safety is paramount, and children should never be placed at risk.”  Yet the Federation has done nothing to protect children from pedophiles.

Alperin recently organized a large event with Jewish leaders and members of Federal and State law enforcement to address an increase in bomb threats at Jewish institutions after Trump became President.  Alperin got a certificate in “an active shooter and awareness training program.”  Jewish organizations are asking for State and Federal protection money to better prepare for Armageddon. Rapture is near!  So far the only guy arrested for bomb threats has been a Jewish guy named Michael Kadar who lives in Israel.

At the Alperin event the Anti Defamation League (ADL) reported an increase in people drawing swastikas and an increase in bullying against Jewish children since the Presidential election.  While Alperin has been investigating swastika scribbles, the Goat has been violently attacking Jewish children.  The Goat has caused more damage to his victims than any Jew hater in the last 30 years in Connecticut.  Alperin and the ADL should spend their donor dollars on pedophile protection training rather than scapegoating Trump supporters.

The Goat has been able to carry out his crimes without any protest from leaders of the Jewish establishment. The Goat employs an army of prominent Jewish lawyers.  Yet the Goat despises these liberal Jews.  The Goat wrote a letter to the editor of the Jewish newspaper Hamodia where he bashed Obama for hosting a Chanukah party in the White House.  The Goat referred to Obama as a showman, an entertainer, a minstrel:  “Obama is willing to engage in smoke and mirrors and Madison Avenue tactics…  It is about time that we Orthodox Jews learn to accurately and maturely assess political realities and forego being naively farglutzt, bedazzled, by show and tell.”

The Goat employs an army of Jewish lawyers who will gladly cash in gold gold while Mirlis has to hire collection attorneys to send the Goat dunning letters.  Attorney Stuart Margolis, whose wife is a prominent New Haven  judge, cashes in goat coins.  Skarz and son, who are partners with the Starter Corp. Beckerman family, the biggest name in Jewish philanthropy in New Haven, need Goat dollars to make ends meet.  Business is tough out there, you can’t turn away a client.

William Dow, one of top criminal defense attorneys in Connecticut, has no qualms about getting a six figure retainer to defend the Goat.  My attorney friends have admonished me for coming down so hard on attorneys who defend the Goat.  The first thing you learn in law school is that everyone is entitled to a defense.  The lawyer is defending the process to make sure the process is fair and honest.  The first thing you learn when you get out of law school is that the process is unfair and corrupt. The Goat is giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to attorneys while his victims forage for scraps.

Donald Trump asked the top four law firms in DC to represent him in his legal battle with the Feds.  These top four law firms declined to represent The Donald.  If the top law firms in DC refused to represent The Donald, whose alleged crimes pale in comparison to the Goat, why would the top lawyers in Connecticut defend the Goat?

The Donald was not left without lawyers to defend him.  The Donald’s first lawyer was scrappy New York street lawyer Marc Kasowitz, whose family started a scrap business in West Haven.  Kasowitz had to quit because he threatened a guy who wrote him an email, and he couldn’t pass security clearance because he was in drug and alcohol rehab.  Kasowitz was replaced by Messianic Jew lawyer Jay Sekulow.  Sekulow runs of number of shady non-profits on behalf of powerful evangelicals who seek to convert Jews like Trump’s children and grandchildren.  Trump had to scrape the bottom of the barrel with Sekulow, but at least he has a competent attorney representing him.

The Goat doesn’t need a Willie Dow or a Mark Sklarz to defend him.  The Goat could easily hire the Jewish family of lawyers in the Bershtein Law Center on Dixwell Avenue, in Hamden.  They are known to be scrappy street lawyers like Kasowitz.  Or the Goat could hire Jewish lawyer Joe Mirsky from Bridgeport.  Mirsky represented a self proclaimed witch in a statutory rape trial.  Mirsky gave a statement to the press defending the witch:  “What woman wouldn’t want to have sex with a 15 year old?” Mirsky and the witch lost the trial.  Unfortunately for the Goat, Mirsky passed away a few years ago.





Paul Bass Interrogates the Mayor About The Goat

New Haven Independent reporter Paul Bass, the man who was the first to expose the crooked Goat thirty years ago in his New Haven Advocate article, conducted a radio show today which featured the Mayor of New Haven, Toni Harp.  Bass dropped the ball thirty years ago and didn’t write another scathing article attacking the Goat.  The mystery still remains as to why Bass backed down.

Paul Bass interrogated Mayor Harp about Rabbi Goat.  Bass asked Harp what she thought about the Goat getting arrested.  Her Highness said she was glad that he was in jail and that he wasn’t going to a bother to anyone.  Bass corrected Her Harpness and told her that the Goat was out on bail and that he was still around children every day at the goat school.  Yale graduates Paul Bass and Toni Harp need to be corrected by convicted felon and disgraced attorney Larry Noodles.  The students at the Goat school are home in Lakewood NJ for summer break and are not living at the Goat compound.  The Goat is currently trying to recruit locals to his Goat Temple of Pedophilia.

Paul Bass told Mayor Harp that the Goat controls 40 properties in the Edgewood Elm neighborhood and that the Goat’s children who ran the properties skipped town.  Paul asked Her Harpness if she had a contingency plan if these 40 properties were taken over by squatters and reprobates after the Goat went to jail.  Her Harpness responded with a fib.  She said that she knew others at the Goat’s non-profit organizations and that she was confident that things would be fine.  She did not mention the names of the people whom she knew at the Goat’s many non-profits.

The only people still listed as officers of the Goat’s non-profits, from the latest public tax filings, are Sarah Greer, Mark Roffman, William Gallagher, Rabbi Emmanuel Gettinger, James D. McAdam and the Goat himself.  William Gallagher was a prominent New Haven lawyer who left a million dollar hole in his client’s trust account, which only came to light after he died.  Gallagher’s building on Ella Grasso Boulevard was recently foreclosed.  Rabbi Emmanuel Gettinger died two years ago.  James McAdam also died a few years ago.

It is possible that Her Harpness did not tell a fib to Paul Bass.  It is entirely possible that Her Harpness has been in close contact with remaining corporate officers Sarah Greer and Mark Roffman, and has discussed contingency plans for the 40 Goat owned properties.  It is also possible that the Mayor has been channeling the spirits of the deceased members of the Board of Directors in the basement of the Goat Temple in the spot where Avi Hack repeatedly got raped by Rabbi Goat.

Larry Noodles extends a public apology to Her Harpness, and also extends an apology to Yale University for suggesting that Yale grads Paul Bass and Toni Harp are not smarter than a classroom of New Haven fifth graders.